Hey friend,

I'm Danielle Catton

I’m on a mission to help you feel good about yourself.

In five years since starting my advocacy on social media, I have created a community of folks who are tired of hating themselves and are ready to begin flexing their confidence muscle.

When I was younger, people used to call me shy. But what was really going on was low self esteem, undiagnosed mental illness, and a hatred of my body so deep I couldn’t even look in a mirror.

I know how it feels to be afraid to take off your cover up at the beach or pool.

I’ve followed restrictive diets all in the pursuit to just accept myself.

I know how it feels to be terrified of mirrors.

I originally began my journey on Instagram in 2018 to document my experience taking medication for what I thought, at the time, was anxiety and depression. Quickly, that journey morphed into a self acceptance journey, and a subsequent diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Over the last five years, during my journey, I’ve learned how to:
  • Ditch diets for good
  • Navigate hard body image moments
  • Look at myself in the mirror and remain at least neutral
  • Intuitively eat
  • Manage my bipolar disorder
  • Become a full-time entrepreneur
  • Rock a bikini on the beach!!
I’m not saying I have all the answers...

...and if someone says they do, they are probably lying to you. But I know that if I can get to a point where I am on the most part neutral to my body, you can too.

So that’s my mission: to help others get to the same point I’m at, or at least give them a nudge to get started on their own journeys. 

So will you join me?

With much love,

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Why ‘Danielle Is Anxious’?

Well, long story short, I’m anxious AF! I was called a worry wart when I was younger, but as I entered my 20’s it bloomed into a full blown mental illness. It used to be cause of a lot of shame to me, so I decided to embrace it!

Danielle is Anxious, but also...

…a Swiftie


…a true crime junkie


…a sci-fi nerd (especially Doctor Who)


…Welsh and proud!


…a proud mom to fur baby Winston


…a wife to Bill


…a sister and daughter


…all about crispy Diet Coke


…obsessed with chicken nuggets


…a lover of all things British


…constantly planning her next adventure, big and small!


What people are saying...

“I love following Danielle!

She’s so real and it’s such a breath of fresh air. She shares her highs and lows and is so honest in her life journey.”
- Vicky B., Instagram Follower

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Hey gorgeous! I’m Danielle.
Content creator, inspirational speaker, and YOUR VIRTUAL BESTIE. Welcome to my online home!

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