Danielle is a passionate and engaging speaker who has helped thousands of individuals on their confidence journeys through her work on her social platforms and Sarnia Speaks, her grassroots non-profit initiative.

Whether it’s to a small crowd of five people or a room full of 250, Danielle has experience speaking to a variety of topics and audiences.

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As a content creator, Danielle has worked with multiple major international brands including H&M, McDonald’s and Steve Madden. She works with brands who are inclusive in a world of exclusive. By using storytelling to seamlessly integrate your brand into my content, she can help increase awareness of your brand and/or product.

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"Danielle has made me feel like a normal person/size."

"She has given me the boost to clear my Instagram of people who make me feel bad about being a normal person and that it’s ok to have a day where things don’t fit or feel right."
April B., Instagram Follower

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Hey gorgeous! I’m Danielle.
Content creator, inspirational speaker, and YOUR VIRTUAL BESTIE. Welcome to my online home!

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